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February 15, 2023 2 min read

πŸŽ‰ Phish is Turning 41! πŸŽ‰

β­• We Went Through All of Their Posters and Ranked the Top 10Β  β­•Β 

It's hard to believe Phish has been providing phans' 41 years of music and shows.

For those not in the know, for most shows there is a small line that forms before the show starts. These people are "poster heads" and are waiting to buy that night's poster. Some people are also surprised when they discover that some 1990's posters are now selling for close to $10,000.

Did you know that concert posters were originally sold at the end of the concert? They were created to lure fans out of the venue.

Excitement Awaits Poster Heads With Phish Turning 41!

Phish kicks-off the year in Mexico and has already announced a rare, 4-date, Spring Tour that's being played at Sphere in Las Vegas. Followed by a festival, August 15-18, 2024 at The Woodlands in Dover, Delaware. We are hoping for a Summer Tour announcement that wraps up in Commerce City, CO - their famous Labor Day run.

Check Out the Top 10 Phish Posters πŸ‘‡

10. Bethel, NY 2011
(Artist: Tyler Stout, est. value: $800)

Phish poster from Bethel NY 2011

9. Hampton Coliseum, 2009
(Artist: Jim Pollock, est. value: $5,000)

Phish poster, Jim Pollock Hampton 2009

8. Atlantic City, NJ 2012 (Triptych)
(Artist: DKNG, est. value: $850)
Phish Poster Atlantic City NJ Bader Field 2012

7. Bethel Woods, 2022
(Artist: Jim Pollock, est. value: $300)

Phish Poster, Bethel Woods 2022, Jim Pollock

6. Alpine Valley, 2012
(Artist: LandLand, est. value: $600)
Phish Poster, designed by LandLand, from 2012's concerts played in Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI.

5. Madison Square Garden, 2009
(Artist: Jim Pollock, est. value: $1,100)

Jim Pollock MSG 2009

4. Miami NYE 2014
(Artist: Drew Millward, est. value: $400)

3. The Baker's Dozen, 2017
(Artist: Jim Pollock, est. value: $3,500)

Jim Pollock Baker's Dozen

2. Reading, PA 2013
(Artist: David Welker, est. value: $600)

Phish Poster from Reading, PA, Created by David Welker in 2013


1. The Great Went (Robot), 1997
(Artist: Jim Pollock, est. value: $10,000)

Phish Poster, Jim Pollock 'The Great Went Robot'


These posters were selected based on scarcity, value and comments left on various websites. Also didn't want the entire list to be vintage Pollock prints. If you think a poster is missing, please leave a message below, or let us know if you'd like another 'Best of' blog post.

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