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June 07, 2023 1 min read

Packing for a Music Festival? 🏕️

Discover our Camping Essentials Checklist

  1. Warm clothes for cool nights including a sweater or coat

  2. Rain gear, just in case

  3. Positive Vibes
 (folks, please bring Good Energy)
  4. A tent and tarp to line your tent floor!
  5. Sleeping bag / blankets 

  6. Bug spray

  7. Sunscreen / sunglasses / hat for shade

  8. Plastic trash bags (please keep the earth clean)

  9. Extra toilet paper, Butt-wiper paper 

  10. A lantern, headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries

  11. A flag or balloon or ornately carved marionette to identify your campsite

  12. Ear plugs, sometimes it gets loud at night or during nap time
  13. A small luggage lock for your tent (please don’t bring valuables. If you must, keep them locked in your vehicle out of view)

  14. Refillable container for water 

Shopping for camping gear? Your local Target or Wal-Mart has a great camping section, same with REI, Outdoor World, Dick's Sporting Goods and more!

We send everyone positive vibes on their summer plans and camping.

The festival pictured is from the first day of Glastonbury Music Festival (2005), and was flooded by heavy rain.

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