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September 26, 2022 1 min read

Dead & Co Final Tour: Summer 2023

The jam band legends that formed Dead & Company playing their final tour Summer 2023.

Dead & Company first performed in 2015- giving phans 8 solid years of tours and memories. 

The band's comprised of the original Grateful Dead members: Bobby Weir, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, and brought on legends Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Chimenti and John Mayer.

The band's chemistry evolved with time. During the early Dead & Co years the songs ranged from 3-4 minutes. As the band learned how to jam with each other, the songs were extended to 7-10 minutes. The added 3-6 minutes per song provided fans unique shows similar to Furthur and the original Grateful Dead.

Regardless of how and where Dead & Co. played, the concert shirts and posters from each show were a great way to cherish the show. Just the like their songs, the poster styles evolved over time. Below are some of the coolest posters.

Check Out the Top 7 Dead & Co. Posters 👇

Philadelphia Poster 2021

Dead & Co Philadelphia poster 2021

2017 Boulder Co Poster from Folsom Field

2017 Boulder Co Poster from Folsom Field

2015 NYC Halloween Poster
(from the first concert)

Dead & Co poster from the first concert in 2015

2022 Boulder Co Poster from Folsom Field

Summer Tour 2018

Dead and Co poster

2016 Portland Poster

Dead & Company 2016 Portland Poster

Dead & Company 2019 Mexico Poster

Dead & Company 2019 Mexico Poster
We'll cherish the memories and look forward to attending as many shows as possible in 2023. Thank you Dead & Co. 

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