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September 21, 2022 2 min read

Jam band history of Phish at Madison Square Garden (MSG)

For almost three decades Phish has been jamming in New York City's Madison Square Garden (MSG) or The Garden.

Diehard fans (phans) have an annual ritual of bringing in the New Year seeing Phish aka #PhishNYE.

What makes the concert is extra fun is the location, being in mid-town New York, just blocks from where the New Years Ball is dropped, and how you don't even notice it. The location also lets phans to pregame at art museums, breweries, famous locations and restaurants and then find afterparties and late night concerts throughout the city.   

How many times has Phish played in MSG?

Phish has played 73 concerts in MSG with the first show being on Dec. 30th 1994.

Below is some of the art that was created to celebrate their MSG concerts. 

A Memorable Triptych From 2012 NYE


Below are pictures of the NYE celebration that included people driving golf carts and the band hitting golf balls into the crowd.

Phish celebrates NYE in NYC with a golf themed concert
Jam band legend Trey hitting golf balls
Additional pictures from Phish NYE 2012


Jim Pollock Poster, 30th Anniversary 

Phish Poster Jim Pollock 30th anniversary

Phish Baker's Dozen Ranked

During the summer of 2017 Phish played their entire summer tour at The Garden and dubbed it, the The Baker's Dozen. There were 13 shows (over a 17 day period), 237 songs, 0 songs were repeated. Phans say the best night was August 5th and call it 'The Glazed'.

Top 5 Items from the Baker's Dozen Merch Table

5. Box Set

Came in three formats: a 3-CD or 6-LP set (with 13 tracks hand-picked by the band) and The Complete Baker’s Dozen Box Set, which includes the entire run on 36-CDs.

Baker's Dozen Box Set Phish Baker's Dozen Box Set Opened

4. Jim Pollock Pewter Statue

Jim Pollock Pewter Statue

3. David Welker Poster

David Welker Baker's Dozen poster

2. Ticket Stub Magnets

1. Jim Pollock Poster

Check out Phish posters that are ready to ship within 48 hours. 

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